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We've been called Hospitality enthusiasts…and for good reason. Parth Kitchen Equipments has an impressive portfolio of Hotels Clients and experience. Much of our staff has worked for, with, or in Hospitality Industry throughout their careers. We understand the client's perspective, and have a forward-looking eye on the trends and infrastructure needs of Hotels of the future. Parth Kitchen Equipments offers a full line of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for hotels that includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom island suites. The appreciated compact design allows chefs to assemble the perfect lineup of commercial kitchen equipments or create a full suite to complement any personal cooking style according to chef. Designed from scratch for the world's most demanding chefs, each and every kitchen equipment is built to the ultra-premium standards and bold style you'd expect from Parth Kitchen Equipments, and designed to provide the features and power every chef needs. Hotels are among the most complex and dynamic environments for Kitchen designs. They demand open system architectures to facilitate change and encourage the exchange of information and flexible working. Having worked with small and mainline Hotels across the country, Parth Kitchen Equipments has become an expert in Hotel Kitchen Projects and their integration, enabling the successful programming, design and implementation of specialized fabricated Kitchen Equipments.